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IJCMAS operates peer review process based on the guidelines of Committee on Publication Ethics

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Publishing Policy

Corrections and Retractions

1. Introduction

The International Journal of Current Microbiology and Applied Sciences (IJCMAS) is dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of publication ethics and integrity. In line with the guidelines established by the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE), IJCMAS has developed this policy to address the procedures and principles related to corrections and retractions of published articles.

2. Definitions

Correction: A correction is a published notice that addresses errors, omissions, or inaccuracies in a published article. Corrections are used to rectify issues that do not significantly affect the overall validity and reliability of the research.

Retraction: A retraction is a published notice that formally withdraws a previously published article or a part thereof. Retractions are issued in cases of serious ethical violations, research misconduct, or irreproducible research.

3. Correction Procedure

3.1. Identification of Errors: Authors, readers, or the editorial team may identify errors, such as factual inaccuracies, typographical errors, or other non-critical issues in published articles.

3.2. Correction Submission: Authors are encouraged to promptly inform the journal's editorial office of any identified errors. Corrections should be submitted as a formal letter to the editor.

3.3. Editorial Review: The editorial team will review the correction submission to assess the nature and significance of the error. If the error is deemed significant and affects the article's integrity, a correction notice will be issued.

3.4. Correction Publication: If a correction is warranted, a formal correction notice will be published in a subsequent issue of IJCMAS. The correction will clearly state the nature of the error, provide the correct information, and include a reference to the original article.

4. Retraction Procedure

4.1. Grounds for Retraction: Retractions may be considered in cases of research misconduct, ethical violations, irreproducible results, or other serious issues that significantly impact the validity and reliability of a published article.

4.2. Retraction Request: A retraction request can be initiated by the author(s) of the article, the editorial team, or external parties who have valid concerns about the published work.

4.3. Editorial Review: The editorial team will conduct a thorough investigation of the circumstances surrounding the retraction request. The COPE guidelines on retracting articles will be followed in this process.

4.4. Retraction Decision: If a retraction is deemed necessary, the decision will be communicated to the author(s) and published in a subsequent issue of IJCMAS. The retraction notice will provide a clear and transparent explanation for the retraction and the reasons behind it.

5. Publisher's Responsibility

IJCMAS is committed to ensuring the integrity and transparency of published research. The journal will cooperate with authors, institutions, and external parties as required to address corrections and retractions.

6. Conclusion

The IJCMAS Corrections and Retractions Policy is designed to uphold the highest ethical standards in publishing. It ensures that errors are promptly corrected and that articles requiring retraction are handled with the utmost transparency and fairness.

This policy is subject to periodic review and revision to align with the evolving ethical and publishing standards.